Business Planning

Business Valuation

Business Valuation is often times a real challenge for business owners that doesn’t have to be a problem.  Whether the valuation is for a sale of the business, for estate planning purposes or for succession planning it is an art – not a science.


Succession Planning

Research shows that less than one-third of family businesses succeed into the second generation, less than 15% make it to the third generation and less than 4% make it to the fourth generation.

Furthermore only 26% of business owners have a formal business succession plan in place and only 32% have a buy-sell triggered by the current owners death.

Buy-Sell strategies include but are not limited to:

                Entity Plan

                Cross Purchase

                Trusted Cross Purchase

                “Wait and See” Purchase

                One Way (key person) Plan

The question is, which is best for you and your business?


Key Person Coverage

Key person insurance protects a business from the financial losses that can occur when a key employee dies.  Such a key employee could be the owner of the business, or a non-owner employee who’s very specialized abilities are critical to the operation and who is difficult or costly to replace.


Executive Equity / Bonus

Executive equity is an employee benefit plan that allows an employer to provide valuable life insurance protection for selected employees on a tax deductible basis to the employer.  The employer has total control over who is covered by the agreement.



Deferred Compensation

Deferred compensation allows selected management or highly compensated employees to defer income until after retirement and offers multiple tax advantages to the employer and the employee.

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